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Mark Szlachetka on RISK! Podcast w/ Kevin Allison - "Incompatible"

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Mark Szlachetka returns to the small screen, playing “Mr. Big” in this commercial for Attorney B. Whitten in Charleston, SC.  Acting like this deserves an Academy Award! Click the “COMMERCIALS” tab on the right to see other commercials Mark has been in.

Mark Szlachetka was named and quoted in feature article in CHARLESTON SCENE.

Elizabeth Bowers of CHARLESTON SCENE wrote a great article about the comedy scene in Charleston, SC.  Mark Szlachetka was one of the few comedians mentioned.  Take the time to read it…

[Mark] Szlachetka, a Buffalo, N.Y., native, is a lover of stand-up.

"If a joke doesn’t go over well, that’s OK. Me and the audience, we’re in this together."

A new clip to enjoy!

Mark Szlachetka keeps the crowd laughing with this clip from his latest Stand Up comedy performance. Live at Theatre 99 in Charleston, SC on May 21, 2010.

Mark finally hits the small screen in this commercial for Piggly Wiggly!  Check out those acting skills! 

Having fun at “STAND UP / GET DOWN Comedy Dance Party” at Club Light. (April 1, 2010)

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